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Meet our herd!

The most common questions we get on the farm... "how many goats do you have?" "Do they all have names?"

The answer is 72 (recently sent a sweet buckling to his forever home) and YES! They all have names & we know them each by their unique name choice.

The truth is, our 7 year old daughter named most of them or at least approved the names. We call her the name warden because if she doesn't like it, it doesn't stick ha!

Another question people often ask is this, "how can you tell them all apart?" Well, truthfully if they were all black and looked the same, we probably couldn't! However, our goats are all so different. Their eyes different colors, their coats in very unique patterns and colors. Not to mention, their unique personalities and our personal relationships with each of them.

We spend a great amount of time with our goats. Their love and affection you'll receive when you visit our farm is a testament to the amount of love and care they receive on a daily basis!

We hope you can come visit us! Take a look through this album on our Facebook page to meet our herd!

Photo below is my beloved Glory

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